Do You Tell Or Share?

Example: A hotel,

You can write a general promotional article about the hotel

  • How good the service is
  • How spacious the rooms are
  • How beautiful the garden is
  • How tasty the food is
  • How impressive the views are and so on.

Or you can highlight the most popular dish, fish covered with salt from the oven.

  • Let the chef talk about his passion for fish dishes
  • What kind of fish and ingredients he use for the sauce
  • How he prepare the famous fish from the oven
  • How long the fish have to cook in the oven
  • What wine he recommends
  • Recipe with all details.

A Wrong Image Can Render A Thousand Words Useless

Image is part of a article. The photo of that one beautiful hotel room with that romantic view … is always fully booked. That image does not reflect reality. A photo of the Chef with that delicious fish just out of the oven has more effect.

What do you want to read?