A new lockdown does not mean that your (tourism) business is dying, but it offers the opportunity to communicate better with your (new) audience.

At the moment every business can use its marketing budget much smarter, but without publicity (communication) a business does not exist.

The most efficient way to stay in touch and reach new target groups (new tourism) is through a blog (wordpress).

Why My Story In A Blog?

  • In a blog, you write and from a website you take bookings and payments
  • 32 % of internet are blogs
  • WordPress blogs offer the best SEO results
  • Blogs are seen as a trustworthy source of information 
  • Blogs are easy and fun to manage, no web-developer needed

What Am I Writing About? What Do They Expect To Read?

  • We want to know how your business is doing?
  • How was the summer season 2020?
  • What changes are you going to make within the company due to corona measures?
  • Do we have the opportunity to give our opinion as a regular customer?
  • What can we expect when we go on vacation to your business?
  • What makes your business so special to visit?
  • Will I be offered an extra discount or a much better service?

A Blog That Is Technically Ready

To be successful with a blog you have to stick to a few technical rules of the game, after all you want your content to be read and distributed on the internet in order to reach new target groups. Only then is a blog effective to achieve purpose.

Content Marketing

  • Which target group do you want to reach?
  • How do you reach that target group?
  • Which social media do you use to promote blog content?

It is advisable to set up a script first (artices, video), what do I publish when, where and why. Who is responsible for editing, search engine optimization and positioning of each article?

Tips: How To Be Successful With Blog Content

  • Leave the set up of your blog to professionals, to be sure that your content is seen and read.
  • Write clear (seo) language
  • Continuity of publications
  • Be yourself and realize that we are all in this together
  • Share experiences or provide suggestions that help others

These are difficult times for many in the tourist industry, nightlife is fading like a candle, tourist destinations are not accessible, travellers are afraid of getting infected and so on, but one thing we all know, we want to travel more than ever before. Where to? That depends on the content of your blog!