How do you reach your target audience? A SEO strategy plan can help you achieve your goals and gives a better overview.

SEO Analysis (research)
We analysis your current website, technology (design), content (keywords), authority (trustwhortiness) and search ranking position in relation to competition

Competitive SEO Analysis
Analysis the competition help to understand their SEO strategies, to draw a conclusion.

Technical SEO
Optimize the technical elements of your website or blog (a check-up) to increase page ranking in search engines. Making a website lighter, faster, easier to crawl, better for visitors and understandable for search engines bots

SEO Strategy Plan

  • Turning SEO analysis findings into action
  • Improve customer expectations
  • Extensive keyword research on the products or services
  • Optimize and improve user experience
  • Implement SEO Techniques
  • Organize and optimize content for search engines
  • Drive pre-qualified traffic to your website or blog
  • Social media channel
  • Internal and external linking
  • Learn how to apply SEO

What is your strategy?

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